Following the end of the public inquiry and lack of any appeal from TFC Leisure. The improvements to Tooting Triangle are no more. Therefore the Tooting Triangle buildings and pitch remain… underused, falling further into disrepair and are failing to support the local community to their full potential. 

We haven’t heard of any positive action from the STOP campaign after their ‘access for all victory’.

There is no access for all to the majority of the site.  

We are putting some plans in place to talk to the councillors and Balham Amateur Boxing Club to make some positive change to this area. It needs improving so it is accessible, utilized and better for everyone – not just footballers or dog walkers. 


To make this a truly brilliant community space inside and out to support local sport, local people, local families and local schools to play, learn and compete. 
With local support we will set up as a social enterprise and any ‘commercial profit’ from the site would be put directly back into the space and community that surrounds it.

Who are we?

We don’t know yet, but we want change for the better… the space can’t stay like it is, it isn’t fit for purpose. 

Perhaps you agree?