Thank you for your support

On Monday 14th December, the submission deadline for comments to the Planning Inspectorate passed.

We wanted to write a note of thanks to all of those that have shown interest in the plans and we are delighted that so many people are showing an interest in giving as many people as possible the opportunity to exercise and play sport. We are pleased to see lots of community engagement since we launched this website (and associated social channels). This has enabled us to clarify many of the issues and concerns that have been brought about by a number of false and inaccurate statements made online. The website has received over 6000 page views in the short time that it has been live and we have loved the opportunity to interact with everyone who has reached out to us. 

We also appreciate that the Triangle space, and particularly the pitch, has had more use in recent months and especially in 2020 as people discover their local area more. We are also conscious that everyone’s exercise routines have changed, they are staying close to home more and community is so important to them. Our intention has always been to improve this space for sport, to improve the children’s services for families and to provide better facilities for everyone in the local area.

Just like at our other sites, community facilities are not improved overnight. I have put five years of my time into the process so far and have been involved in community sport development for over 30 years. So as you can see, I still remain passionate about developing sport and its associated benefits.

If we are successful with the current application and given approval we have so much more work to do including: tenders to request, schedules to look at and local people to hire, to make sure this multi-sports centre is a success for the local community.

We will now eagerly await the New Year for a decision. Have a great holiday, eat, drink, be merry, stay fit and healthy (that’s not too much to ask is it?) Let’s hope that 2021 starts brightly for all of us.