Why the Triangle?

The buildings and sports pitch are a perfect example of a run-down, underutilised and neglected facility which is in need of much care, attention and investment. The playing surface is unsafe and prone to flooding, the fences have been removed due to being dangerous and beyond repair and the floodlights are in need of updating to bring them in line with more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly modern fittings.  

  • We began the process of bringing this sports facility back to life over 5 years ago. A rigorous process of vetting the ideal candidates to undertake this project for the benefit of the community was undertaken by Wandsworth Council. This resulted in Rocks Lane being awarded the contract to manage and upgrade the existing sports facilities and associated buildings on behalf of Wandsworth Council and it’s residents. 

  • An essential part of this project is Rocks Lane and Balham Boxing Club working together to realise the dream of all children in the local area being given the opportunity to use these community facilities in a safe, supervised and friendly environment.
  • Many local clubs including (Balham FC, Balham Foxes, Tag Rugby, Battersea FC) have got in touch about whether we would be interested in them using the facilities. We will ensure we cater for all of them and not just one or two having exclusive use as well as our own multi-sport clubs. This is not a facility only for football, like all of our centres we will be providing multi-sport activities for children of all ages and all backgrounds.
  • Balham is an area with many families, sports clubs and sporting enthusiasts and it is our aim to bring everyone together to maximise the potential of this existing facility and create a sustainable sporting facility that all of the local community can enjoy and be proud of. 
  • The next stage of the democratic process was to apply for planning permission which was granted in May 2020 after much consultation with the local community, local sports clubs and environmental experts.

Show your support for the plans

If you can see the positive effect these plans will have on the area and local community, now is the time to support this development by sending an email to the Planning Inspectorate.

Email: commonlandcasework@planninginspectorate.gov.uk


Please use the subject line Tooting Triangle and include your name and address.

It is important that you show your support in your own words.

Comments close on December 14th.