The Plans

for the community

Our plans are to improve on what already exists.

Our aim is to upgrade, make safe, manage and maintain the existing facilities at the Triangle – modest extension to the buildings to provide space for the Balham Amateur Boxing Club, a refreshment area, toilets and absolutely no extension to or expansion of the outdoor sports pitch area.

This is about open access and reaching the potential of an underused, at times anti-social, unsafe and rundown sporting corner of the common. There is ample space to provide sporting opportunities for the local community. The playground is already a great place for young families to play safely everyday but without any access to facilities, we will provide shelter in inclement weather, loos and baby changing and soft drink or cup of coffee. 

The Balham Amateur Boxing Club has been doing some incredible work for decades and that good work will be built on with an upgraded gym, changing facilities and social areas . The football pitch is out of date and is unfit for organised sport to played on it due to health and safety regulations. The whole sports area and associated buildings need some love and attention to make it a space for everyone to enjoy now and into the future. 

Stay & Play

We will be providing enhanced and further Stay and Play opportunities for pre-school children. 

Currently the Stay and Play facilities are available for only 9 hours per week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during school term time for pre-school children. 

The new facility will be open and have a fully staffed facility from 9am to 9.30pm Monday to Friday (year round including holidays) and from 9am to 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays. 

During these opening times Stay and Play will be available to all as part of the community outreach and engagement programme which is run by the charity “The Rocks Lane Sports Trust”. 

The Trust’s aim is to enable all children from all backgrounds to participate in sport and play. Current Stay and Play staff who are providing the 9 hours of provision will be invited to be part of the new offering and full time job opportunities will be created around the overall provision of children’s and family activities.

Currently the site consists of a steel-clad building, attached to this are brick built buildings that provide storage and changing facilities. To the rear, facing Tooting Bec Common is another brick building which housed the One O’clock club play group.

These buildings have limited and controlled access as they currently stand. 

We plan to open them up for all to access at the above times with a fully staffed and refurbished facility.

The Buildings & Playground

Opening up access everyday of the week

Cafe & Soft Play

A new cafe and soft play will be added inside the buildings and will be accessible from the playground.

Once inside a set of folding doors will open onto the courtyard, toddler play area and garden on the east side of the building and an awning for cover can provide a sitting out area for the café.

WC & Baby Change

Freely accessible facilities and baby change will be made available to all when the space is open.


Nothing is happening to the playground, it will remain as it is but its users will have free access to toilets and baby change whenever they need and refreshments, during opening hours. 

The Sports Pitch

better facility, more enjoyment, more fun

The 1960s floodlit pitch has gone underused for decades. We understand it was orginially fenced in to prevent potential safety breaches. However, it was unsupervised, vandalised and deemed unsafe. Therefore, the fencing had to be taken down for safety reasons. 

All redevelopment work will take place within the same footprint of the current pitch. 


The fencing being proposed for the sports pitch will be robust, have minimal visual impact (our plans are not to have any kickboards on this site) and provide a safe environment in which to play sport. The perimeter fence is simply a replacement of the fencing that existed and was allowed to fall into a state of disrepair many years ago.


It is estimated that the current floodlights are over 20 years old and do not adhere to modern standards of lighting in terms of light pollution, energy efficiency or adequately lighting the playing surface. After consultation with environmental and sports floodlighting specialists our proposed LED floodlights will provide significantly less light spill, be more energy efficient and give a better and safer playing experience.


The current pitch was constructed 1960’s is impractical and very difficult to maintain and is in desperate need of an upgrade. We propose to cover the pitch area with an artificial grass and natural infill of sand and a biodegradable product such as cork or olive pips which we have recently used at our centre in Barnes. At the end of the life of the artificial grass pitch, the sand and infill can be separated from the artificial grass carpet and reused. The artificial grass is rolled, tied and delivered to other businesses for re-use including equestrian centres, bunker lining in golf clubs and access pathways. 

Instagram: @balhamboxingclub
Instagram: @balhamboxingclub


Balham Amateur Boxing Club was founded by Winston Fuller in 1988. Winston started the club at the back of his cab office.

The club quickly grew and in 1992 the club moved to a bigger premises called the Park Tavern. Balham Boxing club began to thrive but unfortunatley after 3 years the Park Tavern had to close so once again Balham Boxing Club was against the ropes. Luckily Winston found a new suitable venue known as Hildreth Mews Market. Here the Club found its feet again and  successfully trained boxers for a further 3 years. 

In 1998 developers took over the site Balham ABC once again had to close its doors. But now we are back in Balham where it all started on Cavendish Road where it always belonged & we are here to stay.

balham Amateur Boxing Club

Fitness, Finesse & Footwork

The Balham Boxing Club is an integral part of the project with a newly refurbished gym and shared social and changing space. 

New Layout

We have had a lot of conversations with Winston and Natasha and feel that we have together designed a space that will be welcomed and enjoyed by the local community for years to come. 

Changing Rooms

Following some concerns raised during the planning consultations we have clarified the flexible sizes, layouts and accessibility of the changing rooms so that the space can reflect demand at any particular time.

BABC's Aim

To promote fitness and well being to youngsters and to promote the nobel art of boxing with all the character building that is part and parcel of development of the sport at our club. At the same time those who have competition as their main goal will have the full support and encouragement of all of our coaches to succeed.

No car parking please

The aim is to reduce the number of trips made to our centres by car in favour of sustainable modes.

We will not provide any car parking spaces at Tooting Triangle and will advertise all the alternative modes of transport in reaching the centre on our website and marketing.

We do not provide any car parking spaces at 2 out of 3 of our centres. Reducing congestion has led to improved access to our centres, improving the health of the work force and our customers as well as  less noise and pollution. 


Green Transport Plan

The common is not
a car park

TFC Leisure is committed to reducing CO2 emissions by encouraging employees and customers to choose sustainable methods of transport. An effective Green Transport Plan should have positive benefits for all. 

We do not provide any car parking spaces at two out of three of our centres and have not experienced any negative feedback from customers as 90% of our customers live within 15 minutes walk of our centres. We provide local sports facilities for local people.

We have adopted a package of measures at all of our centres to promote more sustainable modes of travel. We have increased walking, cycling, scooter and passenger transport use to our centres; and a reduction in the number of single occupancy car journeys undertaken by employees and customers for their journeys to our centre to below 5% of total journeys. 


Walking as the main method of travel is probably best for journeys of less than two miles. The current facilities at Tooting Triangle including the playground and Stay and Play facility are predominantly used by local families with children of pre-school age and they arrive at the site on foot or bicycle.

Therefore, cycle racks, a covered, secure buggy and scooter park will be provided for our customers.


The benefits for cycling are similar to those for walking, with health and cost reduction being the major consideration for users. Again encouraging this mode as led to not requiring car parking spaces.

Public Transport

The Tooting Triangle site is very well served by Balham underground station, Balham Train Station and Streatham Hill Station which are all within walking distance of the proposed centre.

Our staff and customers will benefit by beating traffic, cost savings, a relaxed journey, meeting up with friends and an environmentally preferred method of transport.

The Tooting Triangle site is supplied by an extensive bus network including bus numbers: 155, 315, 319, 50 and E3. Using a bus is an ideal way to reduce traffic congestion, significantly more environmentally friendly than journeys undertaken by other transport modes.


Thank you for your interest in the plans.

We hope to get a positive response from the Planning Inspectorate and then we can really open up discussions with the local community.

If you would like to get involved in shaping how the centre works for the local community we would love to hear from you. 

The focus of our improvements

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